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How to act when people bring a baby to work?
53 votes

I just had a rather interesting idea for you. Simply treat the baby as if it were any other human being that your co-worker brought to work. "Hello, John/Suzie/Star-Lord, pleased to make your ...

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How to introduce metamours without causing awkwardness?
7 votes

I can't speak to this precise situation, since I'm not polyamorous. But I am a Mormon, and depending on the circles this might be equally awkward (especially since some people still believe we ...

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How do I approach telling my date that I won't lend her money?
1 votes

There is another option on the table. Next time she asks, your response should be: When will you pay me back? (regardless of the amount of the "loan"). This makes it clear, up front before she ...

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How to explain to coworkers that being vegan does not mean I know everything about it?
0 votes

As was mentioned in another answer, humor is a coping mechanism for dealing with a situation/information that we can't really handle. For most people, especially non-vegans, they can't even process ...

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