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44 votes

How to tell a classmate I don’t want to give him a contact for an internship?

10 votes

Offering to share my umbrella without sounding creepy

9 votes

How do you deal with colleagues, acquaintances asking you for knowledge that you gained with months of effort?

7 votes

How do I announce my presence to someone who is not aware of it without frightening them?

4 votes

How can I politely ask a person why they did something, without coming across as being angry or expecting an apology?

3 votes

Asking guys to quit shouting in a bar

3 votes

How do I tell my parents "I don't want to go to church" over the holidays?

2 votes

Should I lie to my friend if it inspires him to do something good?

1 vote

How to deal with (male) friends mocking me about my weight choices

1 vote

I'm in a committed relationship and I'm being hit on in the workplace - how do I stop it without bringing it to HR?

0 votes

How can I politely say to my coworker that he should not comment on what I am eating