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How can I help a close friend get over me?

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How can I politely reject someone's advances?

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How can I make my girlfriend not to get fixated on false facts and listen for reasons?

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How to talk about my comfortable lifestyle without sounding like I'm bragging?

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How to encourage my significant other to enter a competition?

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How to phase someone out of my life

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How (not?) to talk with moms

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How to establish boundaries in a friendship when the friend does not understand, while preserving mutual friend group

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How to answer a technical question without sounding patronizing

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How to continue a friendship after my friend told me she's jealous of me?

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Complimenting a female co-worker without coming across as flirting?

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How to tell a lady that she is doing wrong by inviting/feeding street dogs?

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Confronting girlfriend about sending me conversations with other guys

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How can I ask my girlfriend to split gas money for a long trip?

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How to act when people bring a baby to work?