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How to reject a proposal from a close friend?
Accepted answer
156 votes

How do I explain this to her without her getting hurt/our friendship getting ruined? Okay, that is definitely not going to happen. She is going to get hurt, and your friendship is going to be ...

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Handling questions about new tattoo from friends and coworkers
65 votes

I had a colleague (she then became a friend) who had a tattoo with a personal meaning... and that's precisely what she told people. Yep, it's a semicolon. What? Why? Well, I like the symbol ...

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How to "thank" someone who sends you a PostCard you dislike?
7 votes

Okay. So basically, strangers from all over the world send you postcards, and you're picky about what's on the card? tl;dr: Just let it go. This is like receiving a gift. Some people are good at ...

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