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14 votes

Why are people unwilling to share information about their salary?

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How to react to someone pushing me in public transport?

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Should I lie to my friend if it inspires him to do something good?

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How do I gently reject an indecent proposal?

5 votes

How to properly reject an intimate suggestion?

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How to communicate to my co-workers that they don't have to say "bless you" when I sneeze?

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How should I respond when someone makes a self-deprecating remark about her look?

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Why do men shake hands with each other but hug women?

1 vote

Answer to: "Why aren't you with your boyfriend right now?"

1 vote

How to enforce a "No Shoes" policy in my apartment?

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How do I react when a girl I like has a new haircut that I don't like very much?

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How to tell family members that they should not downplay your major?

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How to politely answer someone who resists your request to escalate against him/her?

-1 votes

How to politely stress that I do not wish to eat something?