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How to tell a colleague to not drink water from my bottle

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How to avoid answering "what were you sick with"?

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How to tell people they should feel free to drop by, without necessarily inviting them?

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How do I tell or convince a friend that he should do an autism test?

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How to ask your girlfriend to pay her share of the rent when she moves in?

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How to ask coworker to go slower so I can learn how to do it

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When someone states a view I don't agree with, and asks for confirmation, how to avoid giving it without triggering a debate?

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Asking someone "What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you"?

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How to tell family members that they should not downplay your major?

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How to kill off my DnD character, without upsetting the Dungeon Master who has invested time into creating his backstory?

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How to help my girlfriend get her confidence back?

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How to react when someone rudely rejects your advice at the gym when they clearly need it