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82 votes

How to ask your girlfriend to pay her share of the rent when she moves in?

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How can I know whether a female house guest is interested in more than a friendly visit?

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How can I politely ask my date to not use her phone unnecessarily during dinner, without ruining the night out?

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How do I avoid strange questions because of a flag?

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I was mistakenly identified as a criminal, and this has caused rumors. How can I convince my friends that it is all a mistake?

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How to tell a "friend" to stop pretending to flirt with my girlfriend?

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How to stop classmate from bullying me

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How do I tell my mother that I'm an atheist?

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How can I offer my prayers to an atheist colleague facing a serious personal situation?

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How to approach a friend about his girlfriend asking to sleep with me?

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How to approach discussion with wife about a possible "emotional affair"

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How can I deal diplomatically with a feminist neighbor who continuously delivers political speeches in private?

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How do I tell therapist that something is a big issue to me, even though culturally it's not?

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How to defuse or prevent an adult temper tantrum

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Two friends and their wedlocked affair

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Dreamt of another girl, want to tell my girlfriend, but how without getting smited?

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How to tactfully acknowledge a woman on Women's Day?

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In an early relationship, how can I handle my partner's deep depression and not be an enabler?

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How do I prevent awkwardness between a former romantic interest and myself?

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Talking to boyfriend about his close female friends

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How can I tactfully interrupt a customer service representative over the phone?

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How to explain to coworkers that being vegan does not mean I know everything about it?

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How to properly reject an intimate suggestion?

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Coworker scans my body. How to best tell him to stop?

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Sketchy "friend" recently revealed true colors, is attending my wedding. Should I un-invite, and if so how?

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How can I tell my wife that her fears and mistrust are hurting us?

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How to talk to someone about being chronically late - not to fix it, just to get more accurate ETAs?

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How to tactfully communicate with ex-boyfriend about my personal choices?

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How can I tell my friend her boyfriend is (allegedly) a rapist?

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Unintentionally started dating my best friend's crush. How to talk to him about it?