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I stand with the people of Ukraine. Putin's senseless murder and destruction must not be tolerated.

Web software developer with a UX specialty. Motorcyclist, photographer, daddy. Budding bonsai enthusiast. Fourth-generation carpenter and former home builder. Perpetual home-improver. Once and again private pilot.

I do a lot of Q&A editing on Stack Exchange. Partly I want to make the information here as useful, clear, and easy to read as possible. Partly I'm satiating my mildly obsessive-compulsive personality. I hope that's ok.

P.S. My handle isn't @isherwood. Just isherwood, thank you very much (after the protagonist in my favorite novel). @ is an operator that directs my attention to your mention of me. Don't use it unless that's your intent.

P.P.S. Isherwood thinks that profile blurbs written in the third person are creepy. He wonders who you commissioned to write it for you (and, apparently, place it in your profile on your behalf).

P.P.P.S. "im" isn't a word in English. If you want to be taken seriously as a developer, put some effort into your written communication. Find your shift key and the apostrophe and use them to properly spell the contraction of "I am". It's not hard.

The more you know! =====★

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