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How can I tactfully interrupt a customer service representative over the phone?
91 votes

Please don't interrupt me a second time. This is rude. Wow! That's an extraordinarily rude thing for them to have said. If someone on a telephone banking line said that to me I would consider ...

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How to defuse or prevent an adult temper tantrum
49 votes

You are in an abusive relationship; and you should leave your partner What you describe is emotional abuse, and it is not okay. Particularly concerning signs are unreasonable demands, getting angry ...

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Is it rude to drive at the speed limit on dangerous roads when another driver wants to go faster?
25 votes

If someone is driving unsafely close to your vehicle the safest option for you is to slow down. By driving so close to your vehicle that they are unable to brake in response to emergency actions you ...

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How can I express my concerns about my underage brother drinking alcoholic beverages to him without sounding like I'm his mom?
4 votes

1. Ask yourself why you feel the need to do anything? You admit to drinking at the same age he is now, so why do you care that he does what you did? Did you have a bad experience? Do you think he's ...

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