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How can I handle my father challenging everything I say?
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179 votes

My goal is to win these arguments if they occur or to stop them from happening entirely. Everything but losing the argument, basically. How can I do that? You need to modify your definition of "...

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How can I stop my friend from replying "anything" when asking them what they'd like to eat?
54 votes

I think what your friend doesn't understand (and that many other answers are missing) is that it is work to figure out where to eat, and he's passing that work off to you every time. Sounds like you'd ...

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How do I deal with a mother who won't take "no" for an answer?
37 votes

Reasoning works only with reasonable people. So stop giving her reasons. You already know she won't accept them, she will simply use them as a basis for an argument. Find a (boring) phrase and repeat ...

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How can I play the devil's advocate in politics without being attacked?
22 votes

You can't have your cake and eat it too. When it comes to politics I prefer to take the role of a "devil's advocate" instead of firmly entrenching myself into one political party's ideas. ...

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How can I be more persuasive when assuring people that I am perfectly fine and healthy?
11 votes

Don't over-explain or discuss. "I'm fine with a muffin, thanks for bringing them in." Come up with a simple phrase, maybe: "My doctor is happy with my weight". Repeat, repeat, repeat. Make it ...

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How can I initiate a talk of money with my friend about his business idea?
4 votes

I think you (and your friend) have a much more fundamental problem, and that is the "ideas vs execution debate" Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless. - Mary Kay ...

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How can I communicate my issues with a potential date's pushy behavior?
2 votes

The problem is that it’s difficult to get him to accept a "no" answer to his ideas. I would have to explicitly reject his invite to a group event (not a date) both in private and in front of ...

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