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How do I prevent a "conspiracy theory fan" father from putting me down?
5 votes

You've already learned from past experience that your father isn't interested in opposing viewpoints, and it would seem that you and him have very different ideas about what makes for an interesting ...

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How to find out how my father would like us to decide for him with regard to medical treatment?
4 votes

Another way to look at this is that it is less important that you know your fathers wishes, and more important that you and your brothers agree on what you would do in certain situations. Approaching ...

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Should I join others in raising the pitch of my voice when talking to babies?
3 votes

I may be misreading the question but I don't think this is about baby talk (where "fake" versions of words are used) but more about the pitch, in that people tend to talk to babies in a softer higher ...

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How can I explain to people that a programmer isn't a computer technician?
2 votes

For these situations, I find it often helps to come up with a comparison of other trades people might be more familiar with to use as an example. Something like: Oh I can't help you with that, ...

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Roommates complained to landlord before talking to me
0 votes

I had a pretty good track record of getting along with roomates for almost a decade and I always found the key is to be brief, to the point, and unemotional. You do not want to start mixing issues ...

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