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11 votes

How to decline a job offer from a previous employer, without burning bridges?

9 votes

Asking guys to quit shouting in a bar

5 votes

How do I tell someone that something is not my responsibility anymore?

4 votes

How can I politely tell a family who invited me for dinner that I'm still hungry?

3 votes

Dreamt of another girl, want to tell my girlfriend, but how without getting smited?

2 votes

Who should identify themself first on the phone: the caller or the person called?

2 votes

How can I tactfully interrupt a customer service representative over the phone?

2 votes

Why do people expect me to feel exactly the same as they do?

1 vote

How to handle people blocking your view and breaking the rules at the theater by not sitting in their assigned seats?

0 votes

How to remind people who forgot to reply?

-1 votes

Correcting what I see as factual errors in a political discussion