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0 votes

Father wants me to give him my work number and I don't want to

8 votes

How do I treat my friends to something without it being awkward?

30 votes

How do I ask for "forgiveness" after asking a good friend's ex out?

11 votes

How can I best let my once-close friend know that I think our friendship is over--if at all?

3 votes

How do I tell someone that I don't want to be friends?

1 vote

How to develop romance in a casual, interrupted relationship?

3 votes

Apologizing to an old roommate

6 votes

How can I convince my partner to accept my best friend instead of wanting to break up?

20 votes

Why does a man pay for the first date with a woman?

10 votes

How do I stress that having children is not an option when picking a date?

9 votes

Dealing with a friend trying to get me a girlfriend

7 votes

Refusing gifts from an estranged relative

11 votes

How to tell a co-worker that I feel sorry for something I did

13 votes

Is it rude to ignore everybody else in a chatroom and only talk with one person?

11 votes

How to ask a new friend about his sexuality?

43 votes

Coworker scans my body. How to best tell him to stop?

6 votes

How to get my coworkers and family to respect my hobby

20 votes

Should I have my child apologize to someone after he called them fat?

7 votes

Can I correct other people's children in front of them?

1 vote

Anxious during conference calls

2 votes

How to deflect "How much does it cost" questions?

15 votes

What expressions or phrases can I use to close jewelry sales with female customers?

11 votes

How to deal with an annoying front passenger?

44 votes

How can I explain to people that a programmer isn't a computer technician?

18 votes

Afraid of losing best friends, how can I tell them?

5 votes

How can I tell a friend to bring something I actually enjoy eating if they will bring something anyway?

25 votes

How do I encourage my partner to use his time more efficiently?

17 votes

Girlfriend gets extremely angry over small issues, how can I help her?

12 votes

How to respond to rejected sympathy?

22 votes

How do I respond to praise for trivial things?