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53 votes

How to kill off my DnD character, without upsetting the Dungeon Master who has invested time into creating his backstory?

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How can I ensure people know 'What happens on the pitch stays on the pitch"

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Avoiding unnecessary touches from doctors

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How to recover from being falsely seen as a racist?

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Do we need good fences to make good neighbors?

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How to remark politely that you are not an idiot, just not fluent on english language?

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What is the best way to begin a discussion around a compromise for our wedding location with my fiancée?

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How avoid a question about women being loyal housewives?

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How to ask a neighbor if I can replace our shared fence?

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How can I use a cell phone at work for work purposes without appearing to be slacking off?

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Are there any ways to avoid unwanted approaches when not wearing a wedding ring?

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Attending the 9/11 Memorial next month - how to interact with families that lost loved ones?

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Dad wants me to invite his mother to my wedding. How to push it back?

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How to tell my friend his novel's ending is too predictable but he should keep writing it?