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62 votes

It's my birthday! How do I tell people who don't know, who might want to know, without being awkward?

29 votes

How do I tell a co-worker that just because something is a hobby doesn't mean I want to do it for free?

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How to respond when a friend mentions their financial issues?

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Is it rude to "sexile" someone the night before a test?

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How to handle a manipulative person who owes me money

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How can I explain why I declined someone's Facebook friend request without offending them?

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How do I tell certain customers they're not my number one priority?

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When to open a gift / present given in person

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How do I respond when someone is glad their loved one's suffering will end soon due to death?

4 votes

How to nicely tell someone I am not interested in a second date?

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How to tell a friend I can see through her swimming suit

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How to ask a friend/roommate to do/to stop doing something? And how not to feel bad asking?

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Is it acceptable to call restaurant staff to take our picture?

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What is the right way to refer to someone with dark brown skin who is not African American?

1 vote

What expressions or phrases can I use to close jewelry sales with female customers?

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Sketchy "friend" recently revealed true colors, is attending my wedding. Should I un-invite, and if so how?

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How to avoid an awkward situation when someone just thoroughly slammed something you like?

-1 votes

Why the closer the relationship is, the worse conflict we experience?