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11 votes

How to shut someone up while being only moderately offensive when they incessantly criticize my house?

5 votes

Get team member to participate in project

4 votes

Rebuffing a former friend's (now a convicted criminal) attempts to restore friendship

3 votes

How can I stop acquaintances from reposting my photos on social media without credit to me?

2 votes

How do I ask for "forgiveness" after asking a good friend's ex out?

2 votes

How can I find out what surprise my wife wants?

2 votes

How do I answer the question "why are you vegan?" honestly, without making them resent me?

1 vote

How do I tell my mother that I'm an atheist?

0 votes

How to politely notify in an online conversation that I am a woman?

0 votes

How to recover from being falsely seen as a racist?

0 votes

How do I talk to my partner about them going to the doctor?

0 votes

Friend wants rare vinyl record collection back after 7 years

-1 votes

How to talk to family member about their spending?