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120 votes

Asking guys to quit shouting in a bar

97 votes

How to try to get my neighbour to park their car in their assigned spot?

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How to ask why I was not included without causing a scene?

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I'm 24 with a 4-year-old son. How to handle uncomfortable questions from people?

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Awkward end of conversation

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How can I convince my brother to take up programming?

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How to decline a job offer from a previous employer, without burning bridges?

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My roommate is making me pay too much for rent. How can I confront him?

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How can I check the time on my smartphone without looking self-important?

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Girlfriend feels she distracts me with her texts, any good way to prove otherwise?

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How to Encourage a Volunteer Group to be Timely?

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How to communicate to my mother that I find it hurtful when she cooks dessert for everyone except me who is vegan?

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How can I handle my father challenging everything I say?

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What is Soda Fountain Etiquette?

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Responding to people questioning my single status?

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How to tell someone they're not welcome at an event you organise

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How can I react better if someone confesses their identity that I have little or no knowledge of?

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How can I decline someone's business card with tact?

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How to avoid answering "what were you sick with"?

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Reply to an email that does not necessarily need an answer

1 vote

How to deal with a friend I live with who doesn't want to pay bills when he's not there?

1 vote

Pointing the index fingers to one another as a way to excuse oneself: is this a common gesture?