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How can I know whether a female house guest is interested in more than a friendly visit?
19 votes

Since she's staying for some days, you can also arrange have dinner and/or drinks in a more intimate setting, that could range from a restaurant to a late-night picnic somewhere with a beautiful view. ...

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How to talk to family member about their spending?
9 votes

For the part where you mention: you'll hear things like "it's just a couple of Euros", apparently not realizing that this adds up if you order every other week. The most objective way of showing ...

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As a woman, how to avoid angry stares from other people's wives or girlfriends
4 votes

Another suggestion would be to use non-verbal communication to express that you have no interest in that person. If they are a friend's significant other, not your friends, you will come off as just ...

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How to deal with someone who ignores your lack of knowledge?
4 votes

As someone who have dealt with similar issues (mainly from family members) and who also from Brasil, let me add a different perspective to your problem: How can I respond or act when faced with ...

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How to switch conversation from language to language in peers?
3 votes

I would suggest that in the unavoidable and not ideal occasions where all those people are present, you assume a more passive position as the interlocutor, addressing each person after they have ...

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How can I stop enabling my brothers without my mom exploding?
1 votes

Easiest way to make your brothers comply is by snitching, so: Get everybody's number into a family group chat. If you don't mind handling the mental management of the tasks (looking into what ...

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