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114 votes

I dreamed you did so and so. Why did you do that? - How to react?

93 votes

Boyfriend always responds "I didn't mean to" when he gets feedback

88 votes

What is the current etiquette in the US and UK regarding a man holding doors for female companions?

71 votes

How to tactfully acknowledge a woman on Women's Day?

62 votes

How do I clarify that the gift someone gave me is mine when they are asking for it back?

61 votes

How can I tactfully discuss the intentions of an online acquaintance before meeting?

55 votes

How to avoid a friend's birthday party?

51 votes

How to deal with someone who ignores your lack of knowledge?

46 votes

Witnessed a woman being abused (groped) in a nightclub

45 votes

How do I deal with people trying to convince me to wear makeup?

35 votes

Asking a girl whether she would like to dance with me

34 votes

How to get roommates to speak same language

28 votes

How can a girl maintain friendship with guys after they're married?

27 votes

Dad wants me to invite his mother to my wedding. How to push it back?

25 votes

How to ask cashier out for date

25 votes

How can I stop my friend from replying "anything" when asking them what they'd like to eat?

19 votes

Responding to being told to "smile" by a stranger?

15 votes

How to get to know a service staff without interrupting her work?

14 votes

How to get along with European roommates?

13 votes

How can I get my upstairs neighbors to stop stomping on my ceiling?

12 votes

Is there any research showing whether sandwich feedbacks are more effective than other forms of feedback?

12 votes

How can I tell my boyfriend "I told you so" without sounding too full of myself?

10 votes

So, my boss is teaching a class "about transgenders"

10 votes

How can I get someone to stop paying for my meal?

10 votes

Asking family members to respect my space

9 votes

As a PhD student, how can I politely tell Masters students that I don't have time to help them

9 votes

How to approach my spouse about their weight gain?

9 votes

How do I gently reject an indecent proposal?

9 votes

How can I politely ask my date to not use her phone unnecessarily during dinner, without ruining the night out?

8 votes

How to invite a coworker I'm romantically interested in to a dinner party without sounding like I have an agenda?