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What is the etiquette for asking whether someone has a special diet

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How to not be "this annoying nitpicking Quality Engineer"?

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How can I deal with a teacher who became stubborn because I previously was incorrect and arrogant?

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How do you ask friends to visit a dispensary without looking like a junkie?

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How to gently make non-English speakers aware that their lack of communication makes a multiplayer videogame frustrating for all?

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How do I follow through after setting a boundary for a friend who throws loud parties at my place?

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How to non-verbally communicate that I am listening?

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How to communicate a non-dangerous mental illness to others?

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How can I politely stop my friend from using mobile in class?

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How to ask people not to send me voicemails via text messaging apps

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How to get sibling to assist in room cleaning?

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How best to address a former teacher