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Pointing the index fingers to one another as a way to excuse oneself: is this a common gesture?
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39 votes

Maybe it's just me, but in the UK I would not understand any of that. It's completely alien to me. If you work in an international setting, it might be better to use full words and sentences to ...

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Locking up around workmen
25 votes

It's your house. If you want to lock it, just do it. Don't wait for some randomer's permission. Yes, it's polite to quickly inform them that you're going to do so, particularly so they can ask to use ...

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Is adding “let me know if anything is unclear” to an e-mail really necessary or is it redundant?
5 votes

The line isn't trying to give you permission to do something you'd naturally do anyway (ask for clarification); it's an indication that the author is not only happy to provide such clarification, but ...

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How can I initiate a talk of money with my friend about his business idea?
2 votes

Don't ask whether he could pay you, or even a third party to do the job. Just inform him that he'd have to. Something like: Huh, that's an interesting idea mate. It could be cool. I've gotta tell ...

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How to refuse politely to play with someone as a streamer
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There is no need to overthink this. Sorry, no. That's it. As always, giving excuses/reasons (true or otherwise) only opens you up to counter-proposals or attempts to defend against the excuses/...

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