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For questions on which a persons accent is important to the question, and how their voice sounds.

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How do you tactfully suggest that someone would benefit from making their accent more clear?

I was recently trying to help someone to identify skills that would help them to find a job. This individual is very technically capable so is seeking a technical role. They learned English as a ...
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How can I get across "Stop making fun of the way I talk!" [closed]

I am 17 and lived for 9 years in London; I have lost my American-English accent. Now I have returned to my home country, and I just can't get through to them "Stop making fun of the way I talk!" ( ...
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How do I deal with accents and my audio processing issues without annoying people?

I'm fairly certain that I have audio processing disorder - basically, I can hear sounds just fine, but I seriously struggle with comprehending what I hear, as I will often misunderstand words or have ...
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Is it appropriate to adopt features of the dialect or accent of your ancestors?

My father is of Scots-Irish Appalachian-American heritage but I grew up on the East Coast of the USA and normally speak English with a Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey accent. I have been interested ...
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How do I respond to children slightly younger than me laughing at my accent?

I'm an American. I moved to Israel. My Hebrew is OK, but I don't speak it perfectly. I also have... quite a strong accent. I'm trying to work on it, but it's there and fairly noticeable. Sometimes I'...
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