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Girlfriend become aggressive when we bump into other women
7 votes

I'm just giving my personal story and what I did. Problem: I had a immature girlfriend who constantly needed to be reassured she was the only one for me and like yours she would sometimes escalate ...

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How to avoid a ride back from a bad driver?
4 votes

Before anything if you are stuck in a car where the driver is driving dangerously and won't listen to telling them to drive safer, my dad always told me to say "Dude, I am about to puke, pull over" ...

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How can I ask all my classmates to do as I want to do?
Accepted answer
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In college my classmates and I were very unhappy with our professor's ability to teach so we planned to go to the Dean and request a change. I am a little confused on what you mean by ask, if you ...

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