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Questions about the first time a person meets another, and get's to know them for the very first time.

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Making a (second) first impression on mother-in-law. How can I survive this?

My mother-in-law hates my guts and we haven't even met yet. This weekend, my wife and I will be meeting up with her parents for the first time after they kicked her out unexpectedly. This will be the ...
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How do I conclude a date without sounding rude or abrupt?

I don't know how to end a date that is mostly about conversing. Example: long conversations where the only reason the date concluded was last call for a train or the place we were at was closing. I ...
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How do I appear more friendly when I have a fierce-looking face?

I was born with a naturally fierce-looking face. Piercing blue eyes, heavy brow, downturned mouth. All due to my genetics. In addition, I tend to scowl when I'm worried or thinking deeply. I can ...
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How to appear more relaxed and less reserved during job interviews?

I tend to get stressed during job interviews. Nothing out of normal I guess, but I've received feedback from interviewers that I seemed quite reserved and they didn't like it. It was a justification ...
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How can I recover from a bad first impression on the internet? [closed]

Here on Stack Exchange, I have a user with whom I believe I may have made a bad first impression. In general, I acted as a bit of an accidental jerk. Overwriting his edits, drastically changing the ...
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What to do when meeting an online friend in real life for the first time? [closed]

In a few weeks time, a friend from the Netherlands is coming over to spend a week with me in the UK. She is female (and I am male), we are both the same age, and are friends (there's nothing special ...
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