For questions where rudeness is pertinent to any party of an encounter. The questioners own rudeness or the questioner being subject to someone else's rudeness or the questioner observing someone being rude to a third party. For question regarding how to be polite, use the "politeness" tag.

There are some people in life that can come across as rude, or can overtly try to be rude to the people around them. Often in these situations it can be difficult to interact with them, reason with them, or just in general be with them. In addition some people can come across as rude without even meaning to when trying to achieve a certain goal or reply to a certain comment in a certain way. Questions here are about how to deal with rude people, but also situations where people come across as rude, and even situations where you may appear to be rude, even when that was not the intention.

This tag should be used with tags such as and .

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