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How to tell someone a friendship has run its course?

This person (male) and I (male) went to high school together over 10 years ago, during that time we spent a lot of time together, the typical bro-relationship. Since then a lot has changed, I went to ...
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How to help a friend determine if they are happy or just settling in a long term relationship?

Through my years until recently I have had friends or just known people who have been in relationships that they generally considered long term and committed, but were open (at least to me) about the ...
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Respectful way to stop connecting with a friend?

Recently I have realized that my interaction with a friend has exhausted itself. They are not a boy/girl-friend and there's no third person involved. We have been closely connected in the past, but ...
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Handling an ex-girlfriends jabs in her responses to me?

Background Last month, I broke up with my gf, 36, who I was with for over a year, for the second time. During the pandemic, I had broken up with her briefly but later got back together after we both ...
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Meeting after a breakup - how to explain I now understand the problems we had?

A little backstory: I am a 25 year old man. About 3 years ago I started dating a woman and we lived happily. Some points it seemed too perfect. I mean we never argued. Maybe this caused the breakup. ...
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An Unusual Gratitude

A few years back as a student in an Indian university, my affair with a girl (call her A) and the subsequent break-up became a public affair. A had no role in this publicity and she had already ...
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How to inform a friend about my will of ending the relationship?

I'm in my mid 20s and I've been friends for 20 years with this person with whom I practically grew up. We were in the same middle school, played together almost every single day after school, same ...
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How to tell my ex I'd like to get back together without hurting her feelings?

I broke up with my girlfriend 2-3 months ago, before that we've been together for almost two years. Before breaking up, the relationship was the best I ever had. We loved each other, loved each ...